To access your inbound routing logs, click on the Inbound in your left nav bar.

You can also access your inbound routing logs by pressing CMD+K, searching for Routing logs and clicking on Inbound routing logs.

How to use the routing logs?

The routing log is your record of every single form fill that is connected to your inbound router and helps you understand the outcome of each form fill and the reason for the outcome.

Every form fill ends up connected to a router ends up with one of 3 outcomes -
Meeting Booked Not Booked Disqualified. You can quickly navigate to every form fill that ended up in one of these outcomes by clicking on the tabs that give you a pre-filtered view of each form fill.

As the first level of drill down, when you need to understand why a form fill ended up with a particular outcome, you can click on that log and view the details of that form fill, the rule that resulted in qualification or disqualification, whether the meeting was booked, and details of the owner update in the CRM.

With the second level of drill down, when you click on View detailed log you’re able to access further details of which condition within your rule matched your form inputs, resulting in the outcome.

The routing logs are designed to help admins in RevenueHero quickly analyse outcomes of specific form fills to understand whether their rules are working the way they intend to and make edits wherever needed.

The complete routing log can be downloaded in the form of a CSV to build custome charts and reports by clicking on the Download Report button on the list page.

To filter down to the exact information you need, you can also filter down the routing logs at different levels using the routing logs filters.

The overall funnel metrics that each one of these form fills and its outcomes result in can be analysed in the conversion reports