Teams in RevenueHero bring members of a specific sales team together. When you add multiple sales reps to a team, you can round-robin (or distribute based on your own custom logic) meetings between members of this team.

Before you add members (users who get meetings assigned to them) you will need to create a team in RevenueHero.

Steps to Create a Team

To create a Team, use the side nav bar and click on Settings. Under the Organization section, select Teams → click the ”Create New Team” button from the top-right corner.

A good team name maps to how your sales team is also structured internally.

For example, a team could be USA Sales, USA SDR, EU Sales, etc.

Name your team

  1. On the ”Create a New Team” pop-up, give your Team a name under the ”What will this team be called?” section.

  2. Select the time zone this team will operate in using the drop-down menu under the ”What time zone will your team be based in?” section.

Click ”Next” after you’ve named your team.

Invite members to your team

Once your team name and timezone are set, it’s time to invite managers and members.

  1. Click the ”Add Manager” button under the ”Who will manage this team?” section.

  2. Enter the email id of the manager in the text box to add the manager to this team. You can add multiple managers.

  3. Click the ”Add Member” button under the ”Add members to your team” section.

  4. Enter the email id of the members you’d like to invite to the team. You can add multiple members to the team.

Set the team’s availability

Now, it’s time to set up when this team can get meetings booked on their calendars.

By default, we’ll set Monday to Friday - 9 am to 5 pm - in your selected time zone as your team’s availability. You can customize it, however, the way it fits your team’s needs.

Once you’ve customized and set your team’s availability, click on the ”Create a New Team” button.

That’s it! You’ve created a team in RevenueHero. 🚀