Integrate your HubSpot form with RevenueHero and allow your qualified prospects to book meetings with the right sales reps right after the form is submitted.

Integrating RevenueHero with HubSpot forms

Follow these steps to integrate your RevenueHero scheduling widget with your HubSpot form.

In HubSpot:

  1. In HubSpot, navigate to the form that you would like to integrate with your RevenueHero scheduler.
  2. Edit the form, and click on the Options tab.
  3. In the What should happen after someone submits the form? section, choose Display a thank you message.
  1. Update your HubSpot form settings.

That does it for changes in your HubSpot account. Once you’ve made these changes, you can setup RevenueHero to display the scheduler for every qualified form fill.

In RevenueHero:

  1. Setup your Inbound Router.
  2. Type your HubSpot form selector ID as the form selector when mapping your web form fields. You’ll be able to construct your HubSpot selctor ID in the following ways:
  • Method 1 - From your HubSpot form settings

  • Method 2 - From the page where your HubSpot form is embedded

  1. In your HubSpot account, click Edit on the form that you’re looking to map with RevenueHero.
  2. In the URL, you’ll find the form ID.
    HubSpot form ID
  3. Add hsForm_ to the start of the form ID.

If your Form ID is 9918da4c-d12f-47e6-9131-4f938a372ae1

Then your Selector ID is hsForm_9918da4c-d12f-47e6-9131-4f938a372ae1

On your website/page that contains the HubSpot form

  1. Once you’ve configured a router, copy the router installation snippet.

  2. In the page where you’ve embedded the Hubspot form, copy the widget installation snippet before the last </body> tag.

  3. Publish the script to your page.

That should do it! Prospects who are qualified through RevenueHero will now see the scheduler, when they submit your HubSpot form!