1. Identify the unique form identifier for your Jotform form which will be inside an Iframe for an embedded Jotform. We’ll use the Iframe’s name which will be something like 222354402406041. For Jotform forms, we’ll use the identifier as iframe[name="222354402406041"].

  2. Set up an Inbound Router in RevenueHero with the form identifier in your form mapping

  3. Copy the installation script from the final step of the router set up.


    When adding the RevenueHero script, make sure that that form_type: “jotform” is present.

    Sample installation script
    const hero = new RevenueHero({ routerId: '666', formType: 'jotform'  });
    hero.schedule('iframe[name="222354402406041"]'); // Use Iframe name here
  4. In your landing page HTML, paste the RevenueHero widget script before </body> tag and save.

That’s it. You’re ready to start converting your Demo Meetings from your landing page 🎉🎉