1. Choose your CRM

Integrating with your CRM is the first step in the onboarding flow. To connect your RevenueHero account to your Salesforce CRM, choose Salesforce from the popup and click on Connect.

2. Enter your domain name and click on ‘Login to Salesforce’.

If your Salesforce URL is MyDomainName.my.salesforce.com or MyDomainName.lightning.force.com, enter MyDomainName in the domain name input.

Make sure you are logged into Salesforce with the same email ID as RevenueHero.

3. Successful Integration

Once you click on Log in to Salesforce, your RevenueHero account will be integrated with your Salesforce CRM.

4. Configuring Salesforce Modules

You can configure which modules you want RevenueHero to update in Salesforce by clicking on the dropdown next to the Salesforce modules to be updated field as shown in the screenshot.