Meeting owner

The meeting owner is updated into the default owner field of the Contact based on your Matching or Distribution rule’s setting.

Lead & Contact custom fields

RevenueHero pushes Meeting and Prospect details automatically into your Zoho fields. You can use these properties to set up Custom Reports or Workflows in Zoho.


RevenueHero does not create these fields in Zoho. The Zoho admin of your organization needs to create these fields in your CRM and RevenueHero will update the values into them once they exist.

Field LabelInternal Field NameField TypeNotes
RH Meeting TypeMeeting_TypeSingle LineMeeting Type name in RevenueHero for Inbound Router, Campaign Router and Relays and the Meeting Link name for Personal Meeting Links
RH Meeting TimeMeeting_TimeDate/TimeMeeting time of meeting in RevenueHero
RH Meeting StatusMeeting_StatusPicklistStatus of meeting in RevenueHero
RH No ShowNo_ShowCheckboxTrue if meeting is marked as No-Show in RevenueHero