Campaign Routers in RevenueHero can be used to provide a ‘one-click’ booking experience for prospects who schedule meetings with your sales reps through your email marketing campaigns.

Using the “Name” and “Email ID” properties of the prospect from your CRM, RevenueHero automatically prefills these properties making it a one-click booking process when they want to schedule a meeting.

Here’s how you can create a campaign router.


There are a couple of pre-requisites to create your first Campaign Router:

  1. Create a Meeting Type
  2. Create a Team to distribute leads and meetings

Steps to create a Campaign Router

  1. To create a Campaign Router, use the side nav bar and click on Campaign → Routers.
  1. Once you’re inside the Campaign Router page, click on the Create New Router button.

The first step in creating your Campaign Router is to set your Matching Rules. Click Start to begin.

Set up Matching Rules

Matching rules help in routing leads and their meetings to existing owners in the CRM. This ensures your leads talk to the same sales rep and removes the chances of any confusion.

By default, your account will have two matching rules:

a. Assign meetings to the existing company’s owner.

b. Assign meetings to the existing contact’s owner.

You can click and drag the rule to rearrange. The router checks these rules in the order the rules are set before assigning the meeting to a sales representative.


You can create a new matching rule if you’d like to match leads based on other criteria.

You can delete either of the rules that are added by default. To delete a matching rule from your Campaign Router, click on the trash icon to the right of the rule.

Next, we need to configure your campaign router to assign the meeting to a specific team.

Assign Meetings

Under the ”Who would you like to assign the meeting to” field, select a team from the ”Team” dropdown. This will tell RevenueHero that you want all meetings to be assigned between members of this team.

You can choose to assign the meetings ”To all members or only ”To selected members“.

When you choose to assign meetings ”To all members”, you can create and build your own logic for how the meetings should be assigned between team members.

When you choose to assign meetings only ”To selected members”, you can add specific members instead of the entire team and create your own distribution logic.

Now that we’ve selected who to assign the meetings to, let’s configure the contact form which is the data you want to collect from interested prospects.

Contact Form

There are 4 fields under the contact form.

Name and email id of the incoming prospect are shown and collected by default for all campaign routers.

Additionally, you can use the toggle button to decide if you want to collect their phone number and consent. The consent text can be modified as per your requirement in the text box.

Next, let’s configure which fields the router has to be mapped.

Map CRM fields

Mapping fields helps RevenueHero to create or update a prospect’s details in your CRM by mapping the name and email field from the campaign router to that in the CRM.

This ensures your prospects get the one-click booking experience.

Under the ”Should RevenueHero create contacts in your CRM?” field, select ”Yes”. This will create new contacts or update existing contacts in your CRM. If you select ”No”, you will not have to map the fields to your CRM.


We recommend you select ”Yes”. Since people can forward your email campaigns. This is also helpful if your lead exists in your marketing automation, but not in your CRM tool.

If you selected ”Yes”, you’ll be asked to map the email and name fields to your respective properties in your CRM.

Once you’ve mapped the fields, click ”Next” to configure your Campaign Router.

Configure Campaign Router

In this step, all we have to do is name your campaign router, select your meeting type, and tell RevenueHero which page you want to send prospects to after the meeting is booked.

Naming your router

Use the ”What would you like to call this router?” field to give your router a name. We’ll name our router as Follow-Up Router since we’ll be using this Campaign Router link in our follow-up emails.

Selecting Meeting Type

Use the ”What kind of meeting should this router assign?” field to select the meeting type for this router.


Redirects help with marketing attribution. You can choose to set up redirects when meetings are successfully booked.

To set up redirects, enter the URL of the page in the ”When a meeting is booked successfully” field.

Now, click the ”Create Router” button.

Once you click the ”Create Router” button, your Campaign Router link will get generated. It will look like this:

Campaign router link example

Now, copy and paste your Campaign Router link into your marketing automation tool.

To ensure the Campaign Router link automatically picks up your prospect’s name and email address, you’ll have to add these fields as tokens in the link.

Here is an example Campaign Router link with the tokens added:

Campaign router link with tokens example{{contact.firstname}}&email={{}} 

Examples of Campaign Router links with Personalization tokens for different Marketing Automation Tools can be found below ↴


Make sure the tokens used at the end of your campaign router match what’s provided by your marketing automation tool.

For HubSpot

Personalization tokens for HubSpot are {{contact.firstname}} and {{}}. So your Campaign Router link will look like this:

For HubSpot campaigns{{contact.firstname}}&email={{}}

For Outreach

Personalization tokens for Outreach are {{first_name}} and {{email}}. So your Campaign Router link will look like this:

For Outreach campaigns{{first_name}}&email={{email}}

For Klenty

Personalization tokens for Klenty are {{FirstName}} and {{Email}}. So your Campaign Router link will look like this:

For Klenty campaigns{{FirstName}}&email={{Email}}

When your prospects click on this URL from your marketing campaign, their name and email ID will be pre-filled by RevenueHero. They can directly book a meeting with the right sales rep, in one click! 🎉🎉🎉