Relays in RevenueHero help BDRs automate the meeting scheduling and routing process between your prospects and AEs and compresses the entire process to a few clicks.

With Relays, BDRs get instant visibility into AE availabilities, making it easier to book meetings with the right AE for the prospect.

Relays also automatically routes the meeting to the right AE who is next in queue, so that BDRs do not have to wrangle around with spreadsheets to figure whom to assign the meeting to. All the data is automatically synced with your CRM and reminders are sent out automatically to increase meeting show rates, making Relays your BDRs’ sidekick.


There are a couple of pre-requisites to create your first Relay:

  1. Create a Meeting Type
  2. Create a Team to distribute leads and meetings

Steps to create a Relay

  1. To create a Relay, use the side nav bar and click on Relays → Routers.
  1. Once you are inside the Relays page, click on the Create New Relay button.

Click “Start” to create a new Relay.

Now, the first step in creating your Relay is to select the bookers/reps who will handoff meetings in this relay.

Select bookers who can handoff meetings

  1. This is the first step in setting up the BDR-AE meeting handoff workflow. Choose the team that will handoff meetings in this Relay. You can further decide if you want to select the entire team or just a few specific members.
  1. Click “Next” to set up matching rules to check if your prospects have existing account/contact owners in your CRM.

Set up matching rules

Matching rules help in routing leads and their meetings to existing owners in the CRM. This ensures your leads talk to the same sales rep and removes the chances of any confusion.

By default, your account will have two matching rules:

a. Assign meetings to the existing company’s owner.

b. Assign meetings to the existing contact’s owner.

You can click and drag the rule to rearrange the order in which the router checks these rules before assigning the meeting to a sales representative.

Alternatively, you can create a new matching rule or choose to delete either of the rules that are added by default. To delete a matching rule from your Relay, click on the trash icon to the right of the rule.

Click “Next”.

Set up distribution pods

Distribution pods consist of the AEs or reps you want to handoff meetings to. Creating Distribution Pods helps BDRs assign the right AE/owner for the meeting they want to handoff. You can also choose if you want to route meetings amongst the team members within the Distribution Pod based on round-robin or weighted assignments.

If you’ve already created a Distribution Pod, you can select the pod you’d like by clicking on ”Select Distribution Pods”. You can use the search functionality to look for a specific pod that you’d like to add to this Relay.

However, if you haven’t created a Distribution Pod, click on the ”New Distribution Pod” button to create a new pod.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to create a new Distribution Pod:

  1. Once you’ve clicked the ”New Distribution Pod” button, you’ll see a pane open up from the right.

  2. Choose members that will make up this pod by selecting the Team from the dropdown menu.

  3. Next, you have to choose which team members should be considered for a flexible round-robin. It can either be all Team Members or select Team Members.

  4. You can also assign weightage for each member over here.

  5. The next step is to Add Conditions, which if valid, will assign meetings to the members. (This is an optional step.)

  6. Click on the ”Add a condition” button and click on ”Add a Property”. This is where you tell RevenueHero which property in your CRM to look up for this distribution pod.

  7. Continuing from the above example to route meetings based on company size to your US West Coast AE team, you might want to check if the “Related Contact Company Size” property equals 200.

  8. You can add multiple conditions with a combination of AND or OR for the Distribution Rule to check before meetings are assigned.

  9. Lastly, you have the Pod Settings. This is where you can name your Distribution Pod. For example, since you’ve created a Distribution Pod for your US West Coast AE team, you can name it US West AE.

  10. You have the option to choose if you want to update the account owner. Once you’re done, click “Save”.

  11. You’ll also be required to select a “Fallback Distribution Pod”, in the event the existing pod selected does not match. This means if there is no team member from the existing pod who is available in the slots you are looking for or does not fulfill your set logic, you need to have a fallback distribution pod to whom the meeting can be assigned.

  12. Click “Select Distribution Pod” to choose your Fallback distribution pod.

  13. And click “Next”.

Map CRM fields

Mapping fields helps RevenueHero to create or update a prospect’s details in your CRM by mapping the name and email field from the Relay to that in the CRM.

This ensures prospect details from this Relay get automatically created/updated in your CRM.

  1. Under the ”Should RevenueHero create contacts in your CRM?” field, select ”Yes”. This will create new contacts or update existing contacts in your CRM. If you select ”No”, you will not have to map the fields to your CRM.

  2. You’ll also get an option to update the meeting booker details to your CRM. You can choose to do this by ticking on the box and mapping the respective field.


We recommend you select ”Yes” to create records in your CRM if the prospect does not already exist.

  1. If you selected ”Yes”, you’ll be asked to map the email and name fields to your respective properties in your CRM.

  2. Once you’ve mapped the fields, click ”Next” to configure your Relay.

Configure Relay

Here are the setting you’ll need to configure:

  1. Name your Relay

Use the ”What would you like to call this relay?” field to give your router a name. We’ll name our relay as US West Handoff in line with our example.

  1. Select Meeting Type

Use the ”What kind of meeting should this router assign?” field to select the meeting type for this router.

  1. Override Round Robin

Choose if you want to let the booker override round robin and select assignees manually or not.

  1. Meeting Organizer

Select if you want the booker or the assignee to be the meeting organizer. In the event you choose assignee, you also get to decide if you want the booker to be a part of the meeting or not.

That’s it! Now, all you have to do is click the ”Create Relay” button.

That’s it! You’ve now set up Relays. 🎉🎉🎉