Team vs User Availability

While configuring your Meeting Types, you have the option to display meeting slots either based on individual ‘User’s Availability’ or based on the ‘Team Availability’.

What is Team Availability?

Team Availability is what you configure as the Working Hours or Available Hours to take meetings, for teams that you create inside RevenueHero. It is very important to set the working hours for your team so that only the relevant working hours of your reps are displayed as slots.

This can be configured from Teams -> Edit Team -> Team Availability

What is User Availability?

User Availability is what a specific user configures as their availability in their settings. Sometimes, there might be folks working in different timezones and each of them will need to mark their available working hours or available time to take meetings so that the appropriate meeting hours are displayed to the prospects.

This can be configured from Settings -> My Availability

Choosing Team Availability vs User Availability in your Meeting Type

While configuring a Meeting Type, it is required to either choose ‘User Availability’ or ‘Team Availability’ to display relevant time slots for your prospects to book meetings through the RevenueHero booking widget.

When you choose ‘Team Availability’, the meeting slots displayed are based on the availability that you have configured for the ‘Team’ that was created inside RevenueHero. With this logic, available slots displayed to prospects will be only within the ‘Team Availability’ hours.

When you choose ‘User Availability’, the meeting slots are displayed based on the available hours that are configured by the individual user. With this logic, only meeting slots available in the user’s configured ‘Available Hours’ will be displayed to the prospect.


If you have users working in multiple time zones in a Team, it is advisable to have ‘User Availability’ as the chosen option so that prospects are displayed only in the relevant time zones to schedule meetings.