If you’re an administrator, you can customize the RevenueHero booking widget to match your organization’s branding.

You can access the Branding section by heading to ”Settings” from the left navigation menu and by clicking on ”Branding” under the ”Organization Settings“.

Branding Navigation

Select your theme

Pick the theme that best suits your organization’s design language. We’ve 6 unique themes that you can choose from to make your scheduler look chic.


Classic Theme


Sharp Theme

Frozen Glass

Frozen Glass Theme


Serenity Theme


Retro Theme


Terminal Theme

You can also toggle between light and darker themes using the icon highlighted in the screenshot in the top-right corner of the themes section.

Branding Navigation

Light themes

Branding Navigation

Dark themes

Choose your colors

You can configure the color scheme of the RevenueHero booking widget by using the color-picker option. A real-time preview of the color changes can be seen on the right.

Branding Green Color

Poor text visibility

Branding Purple Color

Good text visibility

There’s also a text visibility indicator that indicates the readability of text in chosen color based on a standard measure. You can see that for Light Green, the readability indication for Poor, whereas for Purple the readability indication was Good in the previous screenshots.

Branding Text Vibility

Your Organization’s name and logo that you have updated in the ”Organization Details” section will be displayed on the booking widget.

Branding Preview