Whether you want to look up owners of existing accounts, route to specific sales reps, or pass the meeting information to your CRM tool, integrating your CRM is the first step in getting started with your RevenueHero setup.


RevenueHero currently integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRMs.

Integration with your CRM tool is fairly straightforward. It’ll take you a couple of minutes and just 4 steps to follow.

CRM Integrations

Other Integrations

Why do I need to connect my CRM?

It is mandatory to connect your CRM to be up and running with your account. RevenueHero acts as the layer between your Prospect plane like Website, Campaigns, Inbox, etc. and your CRM plane.

It integrates deeply with your CRM to help channel your prospect data into the right CRM constructs such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Events or their properties to help you stay updated with all the information in your prospect’s qualification and buying process.

All the information that RevenueHero pushes to your CRMs helps you keep track and do reporting in your CRM and helps identify and fix any leaky funnels.


Please note that RevenueHero will not sync and store your CRM information. It is mainly used for things like real-time lookups for finding existing prospects, creating new prospects/events and setting up & syncing values into mapped CRM fields.