You can integrate your account with the following user-level integrations. Each user in your account has to turn on these integrations for themselves. As an admin, you can track what integrations have been done for each user in the Users page


At any given point, one can integrate one of the supported calendars and one of the conferences.

And, Google Meet can be only used with Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams with Outlook Calendar.


Conferencing tools

How does integrating the calendar help?

Every user in RevenueHero must connect their respective Calendars with RevenueHero. This helps with the following —

Meeting availability calculation

  1. Busy events times will be excluded automagically when showing your available slots to prospect
  2. When you have an OOO all-day event on the calendar, you’ll be considered to be on vacation

Auto-create and manage invites

Meeting invites will be automatically created on your calendar and sent to prospects who book meetings.